Turn Your iPad into Your Graphic Tablet with Astropad


Graphic Tablet with Astropad
Graphic Tablet with Astropad

Graphic Tablet with Astropad

Astropad is an excellent choice for artists and graphic designers who love designing and drawing so much. You can turn your iPad into your graphic tablet with Astropad, a terrific app that replaces graphics tablets. Astropad is an excellent app that lets you use your iPad as a graphic tablet for your Mac, where you can do all professional graphic designing and draw just like you are using a pencil and paper. In this post, we have everything to intrigue you about how to get this excellent app and what can you do with it.

What is Astropad?

Let’s start with a further introduction about Astropad. If you want to know what is this Astropad about, we can tell you that this app is an excellent app that allows you to mirror your Mac onto your iPad and use it to draw anything on creative tools directly as if you have a graphic tablet. After the release date of this Astropad on February 17, 2015, the app has its last update on January 11, 2017.  With this Astropad, you can connect your Mac to your iPad through Wi-Fi when you are working online or even with a USB cable when you are using it offline. This app is available in the App Store with a very reasonable price where you will get more than what you will pay for this. After getting this Astropad for your iPad, you can get the Mac companion app for free from the official website of Astropad.

What can we do with Astropad?

In this section, we will see what we can do to turn your iPad into your graphic tablet with Astropad. There are many interesting kinds of stuff we can do with this great Astropad. Maybe, Astropad is not the only iPad drawing apps. Based on our point of view, an app that we need to turn our iPad into a professional drawing tablet needs to have the following abilities:

Use the iPad technology to draw with all available professional tools as if my iPad is a Wacom tablet.
Use the iPad stylus as a Pen Tool with editable shapes, Boolean commands where we can draw on the tablet as if we are using a pencil to draw on real paper.

After using this Astropad, we know that we have everything we can get from a graphic tablet by using this app. Below we have several interesting abilities of Astropad when you use it to turn your iPad into a graphic tablet.

Excellent app for mirroring your Mac onto your iPad

Probably you are familiar with an AirDisplay where you can use it as a mirroring app. When you try to use this Astropad, all things that make you amazed with AirDisplay is entirely beat by this Astropad. By using this excellent app, you can draw anything right in Photoshop or Illustrator on your Mac, without unnecessary lag with all cool custom shortcuts. There is one thing of Astropad that impressed me so much, that is the app’s ability to use an up-to-date LIQUID technology that ascertains you never lose the high-end quality of the image you are working with.

Let you connect your Mac and iPad online or offline

Astropad allows you connect your Mac and your iPad through an internet connection or with a USB cable when you need to use it offline. It is a kind of cool ability that allows the users to get the most of the app wherever and whenever they need it. Great ideas may come anytime beyond our expectations. When there’s no internet connection, it is not an impossible condition for a professional designer to express the brilliant idea at the very moment. Therefore, internet connection shouldn’t be the obstacle for using the iPad as a graphic tablet.

Use your iPad to draw directly on your Mac

Astropad gives you an exceptional experience of drawing with the touch experience of iPad and of course with the precision of the Apple Pencil. These experiences let you unleash your creativity and get the most of both your Mac and iPad to do all professional graphic designing with its instant feedback for super smooth drawing and make your Mac and iPad work together as one connected workspace in both wirelessly and using a USB connection.

You will get a bunch of benefit of how to turn your iPad into your graphic tablet with Astropad. Expressing all ideas through real work capability for both fans of graphic designing and also professional graphic designers is never better without this excellent Astropad app. It allows you work flawlessly almost without any lag from your iPad where you will get your Mac always fluid and responsive and stay fast with its GPU accelerated. You have the optimal control of your iPad and its stylus to get the best precision of image details.