How to Fix Shift Key Bug on iPad Pro’s Keyboard Software


Shift Key Bug on iPad Pro
Shift Key Bug on iPad Pro

Shift Key Bug on iPad Pro’s Keyboard Software

If you have iPad Pro and start having annoying issues when using the keyboard software on it, apparently you are not alone. Recently, some other iPad Pro users are also reporting their annoying problem when using the iPad Pro’s Keyboard software. The most common problem when they are typing using keyboard software on iPad Pro is related to the Shift bug. One of the users’ issues related to this “shift bug” is when some users found that they can’t use the quotation mark (“) at the beginning of a sentence. When they try to use the quotation mark at the start of a sentence where they need to push the shift key to begin the sentence, the symbol is not appearing until they type a letter first then type the symbol. After that, they have to go back and delete the initial letter to start the sentence using a quotation mark. If you are also having this annoying issue, apparently you need to read this tutorial about how to fix Shift key bug on iPad Pro’s keyboard software.

Solution for keyboard software shift bug

If the typing issue is related to pressing the “shift” key to begin a sentence, we have found what the problem is. There is a possibility that you have Auto-Capitalization turned on in your Settings app. When this feature is on, the shift key won’t work if it is the first key used to begin the sentence. If you have enough time to do some experiment, this typing issue may happen when you use the shift key at the start of a sentence, not only to use the quotation mark but also the other secondary key function won’t work in this setting. If you have discovered that your typing problem is related to this setting is by turning off the Auto-Capitalization within the Settings app and then manually capitalize the first letter of each word beginning a sentence. Follow the steps below to disable the Auto-Capitalization on your iPad Pro to get the solution on how to fix shift key bug on iPad Pro’s keyboard software:

  1. Go to Settings app on your iPad Pro.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Select “Keyboard.”
  4. On the “Auto-Capitalization” menu, slide the switch to off.

By disabling the Auto-Capitalization feature of the keyboard software on your iPad Pro, you will need to do capitalization manually when you type on it. All these inconveniences are Apple’s responsibility, where the company needs to do something as soon as possible to fix this bug. If Apple has fixed this bug, there is no reason to do such a hassle thing. Without disabling the Auto-Capitalization on the keyboard software, we have another alternative on how to fix shift key bug on iPad Pro’s keyboard software. You can also input the secondary key function at the beginning of a sentence by tapping on the shift key twice. Just keep in mind not to tap on the shift key quickly, it enables the Caps Lock, then you won’t be able to input any secondary key function anymore.