How to Clean Up Documents & Data on iPad Pro


Clean Up Documents & Data on iPad Pro

Storage space is a very crucial matter to get the most of iPad Pro. If you start noticing the low storage on your iPad Pro or maybe you see a large “Documents & Data” usage of an app, probably you need to consider deleting it to get some free space. Sadly, not all Documents & Data can be deleted. Because of this reason, we want to share this tutorial to let you know which Documents & Data can be removed. After figuring out which Documents & Data that can be eliminated, you can continue to the next step about how to clean up Documents & Data on iPad Pro.

Conquering Mysterious Documents & Data on iPad Pro

Before we step ahead to the tutorial of how to clean up Documents & Data on iPad Pro, firstly we need to know about what Documents & Data is. Commonly there are two types of iPad Pro Documents & Data, and both of them can take up space on iPad Pro. The first type of Documents & Data is associated with specific apps which are the caches and other related app data, while the other type of Documents & Data is iCloud related files for a particular app. The one that is necessary to get more attention is Documents & Data related to a particular app. We need to remove this type of Documents & Data because it tends to consume the storage space.

Usually, Documents & Data which is associated with an iOS app include things like the app caches, data, preference, login details, and other app-specific information. This is one of Documents & Data that is necessary to be deleted. If you want to remove this kind of Documents & Data, let’s see how to clean up Documents & Data on iPad Pro by following the steps below:

  • Go to Settings app on you iPad Pro.
  • Tap on Genera to open the further menu option.
  • Select Storage & iCloud Usage.
  • Choose “Manage Storage” option under the “Storage” section.
  • Tap on the app you want to delete.
  • Tap “Delete App” to remove the app.
  • Find the deleted app on the App Store.
  • Re-download the app you just deleted.
  • Re-install the app on your iPad Pro.

Now, you get the app back on your iPad Pro Home screen, but all Documents & Data related to the app has been removed. You can also update it to the latest version of the app by deleting and reinstalling it. Removing and reinstalling a particular app which has a significant amount of Documents & Data is one of the easiest ways to clean up Documents & Data on iPad Pro which is associated with a particular app.

Deleting and reinstalling an app will delete all data, logins, and other saved details from the app, therefore if you don’t want to lose that information, this way is not recommended for you. Creating a backup may help you prevent unexpected things that may happen after deleting and re-installing an app. You can use the other alternatives such as moving the Documents & Data of some apps which can sync with or maybe use with Dropbox or any other similar Cloud to free up some space.