iPad Pro User Guide


iPad Pro 2 User Guide

Everything You need to Know about iPad Pro


This iPad Pro user guide is all you need to get the most out of your new tablet. Get to know your new iPad Pro 2 and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them.

This iPad pro manual includes everything you need to know about iPad’s exciting features, completed with iPad Pro instructional, lots of tips and tricks, and other iPad Pro 2 Tutorial. You can also download the iPad pro 2 pdf here soon.

The iPad pro tutorial covers everything related to instant communication like voice calls, video calls, text messaging, iMessages, and the Contacts program. You will learn how to enter text, either by typing or by speaking with Siri. This manual also covers interesting features for people with disabilities so they can get their life easier with their new iPad Pro 2.

The iPad Pro PDF will also guide you to enjoy more about the iPad’s built-in apps, and third party apps. The iPad Pro 2 instructional covers the iPad’s control panel, the Settings program; Continuity and more.

iPad Pro Release Date

Apple first launched the original iPad pro last September with 12.9 inch display, a powerful processor, and supported with Apple Pencil stylus. The company was then released the smaller iPad pro with 9.7 inch display and new True Tone technology. The smaller iPad also brings the features on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro 2 is expected to be launched on March next year.


iPad Pro Models

The hottest rumor about the upcoming iPad Pro suggests that the iPad will arrive in three different models. According to Japanese blog Mac Otakara, Apple will ship three new iPad Pro models in Spring 2017. The three models includes:

  • the 7.9-inch iPad Pro 2.
  • the 10.1-inch iPad Pro 2
  • the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2

The 7.9-inch iPad Pro model is said to succeed the iPad mini 4. According to the report, the new iPad mini will bring a Smart Connector, True Tone display, four speakers, and a 12-megapixel rear-facing iSight camera with True Tone flash.

The 12.9-inch iPad pro 2 is said to have a True Tone display and will features advanced four-channel ambient light sensors, a 12-megapixel rear-facing iSight camera with True Tone flash.

A report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, suggests that Apple is reportedly planning to release three new iPads in 2017:

  • a 12.9 inch iPad pro
  • a 10.5-inch iPad Pro and
  • a 9.7-inch iPad

Here’s Ming-Chi Kuo on Apple’s 2017 iPad lineup:

We expect three new iPads (12.9″ iPad Pro 2, new size 10.5″ iPad Pro & low-cost 9.7″ iPad) to be launched in 2017, though this may not drive shipment growth amid structural headwinds; 2017F shipments to fall 10-20% YoY. If the iPad comes in a larger size, such as a 10.5″ model, we believe it will be helpful to bid for tenders within the commercial and education markets.

As a result, we expect Apple to launch a 10.5″ iPad Pro in 2017. In addition, we estimate the 12.9″ iPad Pro 2 and 10.5″ iPad Pro will adopt the A10X processor, with TSMC being the sole supplier using 10nm process technology. The low-cost 9.7″ model may adopt the A9X processor, which is also exclusively supplied by TSMC.

iPad Pro Price

The official pricing for the upcoming iPad pro 2 is not available just yet but we can predict it from the price of the original iPad pro. The 9.7-inch model  of iPad Pro 2 is predicted to have $599 price tag, the 12,9 inch iPad pro 2 will have $799 price tag and the 10.5 inch iPad Pro will possibly have $699 price tag. The official pricing of the iPad pro 2 will be updated soon.

iPad Pro Pre Order

The iPad Pro 2 is predicted to be available for pre order on Spring 2017. There will be three models available for pre order, the 12.9 inch model, the 10.5-inch model and the 9.7-inch model.  The official date for iPad Pro 2 pre order will be updated soon.


iPad Pro User Guide to iOS 10

You can download the iPad Pro user guide for iOS 10 in web version here, or get it on iTunes https://help.apple.com/epub/ipad/en/

iPad Pro Color Options

The 12.9 inch iPad Pro is available in silver, space gray, and gold. The 9.7-inch iPad pro comes in silver, space gray, gold and rose gold. The iPad Pro 2 is predicted to come with four color options just like the 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Design

The hottest leak of iPad Pro 2 design shows a slimmer design with lighter slate. The iPad pro 2 is also said to have Water and dust resistance design, with no headphone port, just like the iPhone 7. The upcoming iPad pro 2 is also said to have three models with different display sizes, 7.9-inch, 10.1-inch and 12.9-inch display.

iPad Pro Specifications

According to the hottest leak of iPad Pro 2, the next generation iPad Pro will feature a True Tone display, just like those on the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. The iPad Pro 2 could possibly has almost the same resolution with its predecessor as Apple rarely changes the resolution of its device’s screens.

The iPad Pro 2 is expected to bring a bigger battery and at least the same camera with its predecessor, which is a 12MP rear camera alongside with a 5MP front-facing camera.

As for the OS and power, the hottest leak suggests that the upcoming iPad Pro 2 will be more powerful than the original iPad Pro with A10X processor, A10X chip, iOS 10, and 4GB of RAM.

iPad Pro Manual

The iPad Pro manual will help you to find out all the amazing things you can do with your new iPad Pro 2.  We will provide you with tips, tutorial and guide on how to maximize the use of your new iPad, from how to set up and get start with your iPad, how to personalized your iPad, how to restart, update, reset or restore your iPad Pro 2 and more.

iPad Pro User Guide in PDF Format

The iPad Pro user guide will be available for download when the handset official. The download link for iPad Pro 2 User Guide in PDF format will be updated soon. Reading the iPad Pro 2 User Guide in PDF format will help you to master your iPad Pro 2 especially its new exciting features.

iPad Pro Setup Guide

Get step by step iPad pro 2 setup guide and find out complete tutorial on how to set iPad pro 2 up and get started with it here.

  • How to Set up iPad Pro
  • How to Move to iPad Pro 2 from Android tablet
  • How to Set up other mail, contacts, and calendar accounts on iPad Pro 2
  • How to set Date and time on iPad Pro 2
  • How to set Language and region on iPad Pro 2
  • How to Sign up for cellular service on iPad Pro 2
  • How to Connect iPad Pro 2 to the Internet
  • How to Connect iPad Pro 2 to Wi-Fi
  • How to Connect iPad Pro 2 to your computer
  • How to Manage content on your iPad Pro 2
  • How to Sync with iTunes
  • How to Back up iPad Pro with iCloud Backup
  • How to Back up iPad Pro with iTunes
  • iOS 10 tips for iPad Pro 2

iPad Pro Buyers Guide

This iPad Buyers guide will help you to find the perfect iPad which best suits your needs. You will learn these basic buyers guide:

  • How to sell your old iPad?
  • Should you upgrade to iPad Pro 2?
  • Which iPad Pro 2 model should you get?
  • What iPad Pro 2 color should you get?
  • What iPad Pro 2 storage size should you get?
  • What iPad Pro 2 carrier and plan should you get?
  • Should you get AppleCare+ or insurance?

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